Beautesaine Bleue Marine Skin Elixir is a power skin emulsion perfect for all types of skin. A beautiful blend of precious German Blue Chamomile and Japanese Marine Algae. This unique combination  reduces signs of aging, sagging skin, dark spots and strengthens skin to promote new collagen production and elastin.


German Blue Chamomile 8s well-known for its powerful healing properties and help easing skin conditions like acnes, eczema or rashes. Ideal for all skin types. 


Our Bleue Marine Emulsion is 100% Natural and absolutely chemical-free.


Why are you waiting? Add Beautesaine Bleue Marine Skin Elixir to your skincare regime today!


BeautéSaine Bleue Marine Skin Elixir Emulsion

SKU: BM-001
  • Purified Distilled Water, German Blue Chamomile Extract, Japanese Marine Algae Extract, Paeonia Root Extract

    100% Natural

    Free of Artificial Fragrances, Colorants and Preservatives

    Recommended for All Skin Types