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Top Eyelash Serums and Eyebrow Serums to Buy in Singapore

Our NormVegan Rush Lash Regrowth Serum is featured on Vanilla Luxury!

Seeking an eyelash growth serum or eyebrow serum that is PETA Certified? With lash and eyebrow serums becoming an essential part of any beauty routine, these should come with all the nourishing ingredients for your lashes. The NormVegan Rush Lash Regrowth Serum is designed to strengthen lashes and brows while making them look more lush and full.

The key ingredients in this lash serum are copper tripeptide, hyaluronic acid and vitamin B complex such as biotin, and folic acid. Hero ingredient copper tripeptide is a peptide composed of three amino acids linked to promoting healthy lashes and eyebrow growth. When combined with hyaluronic acid and B vitamins such as folic acid, copper tripeptide can provide an even more effective way to promote lash growth.

By increasing the number of nutrients available to hair follicles, copper tripeptide helps stimulate the production of new lashes, resulting in thicker and longer lashes over time while B Vitamins help to strengthen existing hairs, making them less prone to breakage.

And most importantly, NormVegan Rush Lash Regrowth Serum is a PETA Certified Animal Test Free & Vegan Product specifically formulated by the Doctor of Hair Science right here in the heart of Singapore.

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