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Natural Skin Care Products

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

As more people are becoming aware of the effect of pesticides and synthetic ingredients on our environment and health, more women are interested in using natural skincare products. With the increasing demand comes more widely available natural skin care products, which may be chemical-free, completely organic, or even vegan. Estimated that, during a typical skin care treatment, a woman’s skin, hair, and nails come in contact with over 100 chemicals, many of them harmful.

In her lifetime, the average woman will ingest around four pounds of lipstick, and lipstick can contain tar, aluminum, and many other poisonous or carcinogenic substances. Therefore, natural skincare products are more in demand these days, as awareness of health increases.

Natural skincare products are available in the following forms:

· Cosmetics

· Shampoos and conditioners

· Cleansers

· Skin conditioners

· Skin toners and facial mists

There are also natural perfumes, moisturizers, and skin treatments. Natural and organic cosmetics are free of synthetic dyes and the color obtained through plants and minerals. They usually have a shorter shelf-life than conventional cosmetics and should be replaced often. Natural cosmetics are available as foundations, lipsticks, eyeliners, and other beautifying products. Many natural cosmetics use animal products such as beeswax and lanolin, and vegans, those who avoid animal products entirely, should find cosmetics using vegetable oils such as palm and shea butter.

Many natural beauty product lovers enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and cleansing and conditioning their skin and hair. Aromatherapy is the art of affecting one’s sense of well-being through the use of essential oils from flowers and herbs. Some blends stimulate, while others relax. Many natural skincare products are available in sets, including a shower gel, soap, shampoo and conditioner, a scrub, and cologne. Orange, bergamot, and cedar have stimulating effects and refresh the skin. Many report a tingling sensation after using natural citrus and cedar products. Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang soothes and prevents stress.

Natural skincare products usually made of bases and essential oils. Depending on the product, the bottom may be a wax or a cream made of moisturizing oils and plant butter. Unrefined shea butter from Africa is a common choice and Tamanu from Madagascar prized for its soothing properties. The best essential oils are expeller-pressed, which means that they extracted it without chemical solvents. The bases and oils are combined to produce skin creams, cleansers, perfumes, and lipsticks.

Skin masks and treatments are in-depth processes and require several types of natural skincare products for an entire treatment. Mud masks may contain real, vitamin-rich mud or clay from certain regions of the world that produce nourishing products. A hydrating spray usually follows a mask that draws out the impurities from the skin and improves circulation. Rosewater used for this purpose because of its nourishing and moisturizing properties. Cleansing of the skin by using a scrub, made of crushed peach pits or another rough material that sloughs off dead cells. Cleansers ranged according to one’s skin type; those with dry skin may use a cleanser with a fruit such as avocado or banana, and those with oily skin or acne find tea tree oil cleanser to be quite effective. A moisturizer completed the treatment and made of oils from plants such as cocoa or palm that gently add moisture without clogging the pores.

One should be careful when purchasing natural skincare products. Many conventional skincare products claim to have natural ingredients, but this might mean that they use a bit of a plant or an herb, and the other 95% of the lotion made of chemicals. Read the label to ensure that the products you are using are all-natural, if this is important to you, and purchase your product from a reliable natural cosmetics company.

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