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Are you looking for clean, natural, and organic hair, beauty, and baby care products? If toxic-free and go-natural have always been your priority, then we might just have what you've been looking for!

From skin care products to baby bath essentials, our products are as clean as their ingredient list. We use only top-grade ingredients imported from all over the world. We are committed to making sure every product is freshly hand-curated just before shipping out to you as our products do not contain preservatives. That's how FRESH is our product!

Keeping up with our ‘all-natural product line’ commitment, BeautéSaine became the most popular clean beauty brand in Singapore & Australia. Our products do not contain any chemicals. They are 100% natural, vegan & eco-friendly!

Bebesaine Baby Wash.jpg
What You Say About Us

“ I realised my pores seem much smaller and it also reduced my dark spots. It firms up my skin too. It is a wondeful "all-in-one" product, most importantly it is safe to use! ”


Dipmecocoa - Red Skin Elixir

“ Thankfully, @organicskincaresg introduced to me 3 organic skincare products that saved me lots of time in my skincare regime. I've been trying them for 2 weeks, my skin does not produce as much sebum as usual and it helps to even out my skin tone slightly. " - Rice Skin Elixir, Gentle Foam Cleanser & Sleeping Powder

" It comes with a light, refreshing scent. The elixir is absorbed right into my skin without leaving behind any sticky residue. It seems to have a matte finish. I do not actually need a lot for my face. A little goes a long way! "


Gilmangirl - Rice Skin Elixir

“ Love this 100% natural & organic skincare products (Made in Singapore) The White Rice Mask is good, you got to mix it with water to form a paste. Apply on clean face. After fully dry, soften the mask again with water. Massage in circular movement like doing a face scrub. After that rinse off everything, it made my face feel so fresh and clean! "

Melody.tsk - White Rice Mask

“ After 1 week of using only 2 of these products in my skincare routine, I'm amazed! The foam cleanser has insane cleansing abilities. You know it when your skin screams "It's clean!" that's the feeling I'm getting after each usage. ”


Sggiveawayjg - Rice Elixir & Gentle Foam Cleanser

“ The blue rice mask was insanely great smelling of German Chamomile & Organic Geranium the moment I cut open the sachet. It has to be so good that I have to order more! Bought sleeping make-up powder to try out too to help with the control of sebum production. The mild lavender in the powder make me want to dab on more! ”


Xavvylicious - Blue Rice Mask & Sleeping Powder

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